Host an Event

Since 2003 Essential Theatre has built an exciting and enviable reputation for delivering high quality performances across Australia.

Are you interested in hosting an exclusive theatrical event to gain an edge over other wineries and venues in your region?
Essential Theatre will sell their production to you exclusively. There will be no neighbouring winery hosting this event allowing you to take full advantage of this exciting opportunity.

Are you looking for an event that is unique, professional and entertaining?
Essential Theatre has been proudly offering distinctive theatrical experiences satisfying Australian and New Zealand crowds for twelve years. They select Shakespeare’s best known works with broad commercial appeal, which has proved to be a sure-fire hit.
Their reputation speaks for itself, however here is a small sample of what the audience reported this year –
“Just wanted to congratulate you on a brilliant performance at Voyager.
We enjoyed the show so much ... and you have completely changed our minds about Shakespeare! Having been put off at school in our dark and distant youth, now we long to see more. Can't wait to see you again next year - already in our diary!”

Are you looking for an event that highlights your unique winery setting utilising all the picturesque aspects of your venue?
No two performances are the same for Essential Theatre. Each winery has something unique and special to offer the audiences, whether it is the stunning views or a warm and homely cellar door.
Essential Theatre will work closely with you to choose the most appropriate performance location highlighting your winery’s best features and to maximize crowd capacity.

Are you looking for a brilliant marketing tool for your label and produce?
This is an ideal opportunity to provide your guests with an event that sets you apart. This is a strictly no BYO event where you can market your wine and produce throughout the evening encouraging guests to purchase wine and produce on site.

Are you looking to develop a relationship with a reputable and professional theatre company that can satisfy all your performance needs?
Essential Theatre has worked with a huge array of wineries both in Australia and New Zealand. They have developed a reputation to be hard working, professional and very personable business people.

“ All the way through my dealings with Amanda and Sophie were professional and helpful – especially as each party had to take the other pretty much entirely on trust.
Darryl Soljan, Ascension Wines NZ

They have developed a wide variety of productions over the last decade and they enjoy the challenge of creating innovative ways of working within your particular needs, whatever they may be.
For example in the past they have performed amongst:
Small corporate private functions,
Degustation meals,
Product launches,
Gourmet banquets,
Christmas corporate functions,
and their annual summer outdoor events to 400 audience members

We invite you to contact Amanda and Sophie now, and begin to build a relationship with Essential Theatre that will see you maximise the most of your winery, offering great experiences to your guests and encouraging them to return year after year.

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