• The Dream Laboratory

    The Dream Laboratory – an immersive theatrical experience

    January 5th – 23rd  Two performances daily 6pm & 8.30pm – 60 minute duration

    Limited capacity – maximum 35 audience

    You’re invited into a labyrinth of magic and adventure where reality and dreams collide. 

    Part narrative, part roaming, part “choose your own adventure”, The Dream Laboratory will provide a unique interactive live experience like nothing Geelong has seen before. 

    Immersive Theatre – The performance is experienced by moving through the venue as the story plays out around the audience, no seating is available for the duration of the performance.

    “Immersive” means that the environment is designed to deliver an all-encompassing experience; from the moment guests enter the building, they will feel transported. There may be the opportunity to follow characters or other guests into smaller rooms and spaces if you so choose. You need only interact as much as you are comfortable, or if you prefer to observe from the sidelines you are most welcome to do so. Every choice you make will be the right one.

    COVID SAFETY The Dream Laboratory is performed to just 35 audience members at a time. The spaces in the performance are designed for audience members to maintain social distancing and are thoroughly cleaned between performances in line with our COVID-19 venue safety protocols. We will adhere to the COVID 19 government guidelines regarding mask wearing etc.